Individual sessions

Depending on your interest we do offer private classes of Pilates, Yoga and Yogalates (Yoga/Pilates – program which combines the torso stabilisation and abdominal muscles strengthening from Pilates with whole body stretching from Yoga). Time depends on your possibilities. Individual session can be also arranged for a closed group (two friend, partners,…). All instructors are well experienced in „healthy“ way of practising Yoga and Pilates.  Exercises in our Studio Yogata are safe for your back and usually quickly help in relieving low back pain or shoulder stiffness from office work.

If you are interested, just write us email to and we answer your questions.

Prices: Individual classes in English

Number of lessons 1 5 10 15 20
One lesson price 750 Kč 730 Kč 710Kč 690 Kč 650 Kč
Permanent admission card 750 Kč 3650 Kč 7100 Kč 10350 Kč 13000 Kč

Please note that you have to cancel your reserved term 24 hours before so we can offer the blocked time to someone else. In case of  late excuse you will be charged the whole price.